Fracture Care is an integral part of our practice.  Our board certified orthopedic surgeons are available at all times to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment for the vast variety of musculoskeletal injuries, including strain/sprains, fractures and/or dislocation.  

Non-operative and operative treatment of fractures are always considered with the aim of return to full function and performance.  Whether referred to our office for outpatient treatment or admitted to the hospital for operative treatment, our team of dedicated physicians are ready to attend to any emergency.  

Here are examples of common fractures we treat in our practice:
  • shoulder/arm fractures
  • elbow/forearm fractures
  • Wrist/hand fractures
  • Pelvis, hip and femur fractures
  • Knee and tibial fractures
  • Ankle and foot fracture dislocations
  • Spine, back and neck
Non-operative treatment of fractures includes:
  • Closed reduction of minor displaced fractures
  • Bracing
  • Cast application
  • Physical therapy and proper rehabilitation

Operative treatment of fractures, usually referred to as “Open Reduction and Internal Fixation” consists of the open open anatomical reduction of a displaced fracture and the rigid fixation of the fracture fragments with places, screws, and/or special devices.

A particular group of fractures designated as “periprosthetic fractures” deserve special expertise.  They occur at or around previously inserted total joint prostheses and command specialized treatment modalities.  

Please discuss treatment options with your treating physician.  Be informed. Be part of the treatment plan for a faster recovery.