Instructions for Patients Wearing Casts, Splints, or Braces
  1.  SPLINTS OR CASTS:  Do not tamper with splints or casts.  Keep them dry. Do not walk on a cast unless the doctor has advised you to do so.  If the cast breaks, cracks, or becomes soft, please call without delay. Do not put anything inside a cast or splint.
  2. Swelling sometimes occurs after casts or splints have been applied, causing obstruction of circulation if not properly relieved.  In order to avoid this danger:
  •  Elevate injured limb higher than the level of your heart.
  • Keep the immobilized extremity quiet.  Do not use it unless your doctor has instructed you to do so.
  1. Report by telephone any of the following conditions or go to the hospital Emergency Room:
  •  Extreme pain in injured part.  
  • Severe and increasing numbness of fingers or toes.
  • Marked and persistent change in color of fingers or toes, especially if they become white, blue or purple.
  • Fever exceeding 101 degrees.
  • Any marked change for the worse in the general condition of the patient.

Please contact our nurses station with any concerns regarding your cast at (562) 633-3787 x241.