Physical therapy is an essential and integral part of any orthopedic practice. As part of our conservative management of many orthopedic conditions and prior to most surgical procedures, physical therapy plays an important role in reducing pain and improving range of motion and muscle power, thus contributing to the improved function and faster recovery of the affected joint or spinal segment.

Following surgery, physical therapy also plays an important role in the postoperative rehabilitation of the individual as a whole, with the expectation of return to normal function or as best a function as to be expected.

Associated with a well designed physical therapy program, a home exercise program is also an essential part of the overall rehabilitation process and should maximize the therapeutic results of the physical therapy.

In our practice, we stress the importance of physical therapy and the role it plays in the rehabilitation of the individual as a whole – individuals who neglect postoperative physical therapy do not achieve the optimum recovery and functional results after surgery.

Here at Long Beach-Lakewood Orthopedic Institute, we applaud the efforts and hard work of both of our physical therapy team for this excellent service and dedication to our patients.